What You Get Printing at Big Box Stores

So we have your fabulous New Bern photography session or your Jacksonville photography session or a photography shoot in any of the other wonderful locations around Eastern North Carolina, and then you receive you three digital files.  Perhaps you purchase the DVD of the entire session to make sure you always have a copy of all those memories and moments in your family’s life – but then what?

You might be tempted to run down to the nearest big box store or pharmacy and print out dozens of cheap photos for your family and friends.  But here’s where I’ll caution you – cheaper isn’t always better.

As a photographer, I’ve spent hours choosing the best professional printer, calibrating the colors on my computer monitor where I edit to make sure what you see is what you get through my pro printer, and then doing regular “check-up” prints with my pro printer to make sure everything is still looking perfect.  After all, who wants a family photo where everyone looks too green or too yellow or maybe there’s a red glow?  Photographer Erin Noie went to the trouble for us all to put together some examples:

Of course, in the end, they are your digital files to do with what you’d like (within the constraints of my copyright, of course).  But my intention of releasing digital files is more so for you to have a hard copy to hang onto of the family memories I’ve captured, so that even when those files are eventually purged from my storage system after a year, you will always have them. I hope when you are are printing those memories to hang on your wall for all to see, you make sure they look just as they should.  I will always be happy to help you place an order for some exquisite wall art of your family.


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