Robert – 6 Months Old {New Bern Children Photographer}

Not only did I get to photograph Robert and his amazing family for his six month photo session, I got to photograph Robert on the day he turned six months old.  Happy 1/2 Birthday Robert!  This New Bern family was so much fun to work with, and I’ve never seen two parents (and an aunt who was there too) work so hard to get two kids to smile and laugh when needed.  It’s not always easy to get two young kids to smile at the SAME time AND look at the camera – but this family gave it their all!  And you know what?  It made for a very fun and entertaining morning at their home and Creekside Park – where everyone ended up smiling and laughing.

Did I mention FUN?

And check this out – see little Robert sitting on the blanket below with his daddy and two-year-old brother Will in the background?  Robert has no idea…

… he’s about to get kissed non-stop!!  See, they’re too cute, right?

And we could’t do a six-month session without some one-on-one time with the little man of the hour.

Thanks “M” Family for a fun photography session.   I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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