Thiago – One Week New {Morehead City Newborn Photographer}

When Thiago’s mother first contacted me, she told me we’d be doing a Morehead City newborn photography session without Thiago’s father present because he was deployed.  We started brain-storming all the ways we could include some of daddy’s U.S. Marines gear into the newborn session so he could be present in some way.  Well, imagine my surprise when mommy called to tell me not only had Thiago arrived, but so had daddy from thousands of miles away!

And look at the darling boy daddy got to come home to…


This little boy has the longest eyelashes I’ve seen on a newborn – just exquisite!


And some of daddy’s Marines gear still made it into this newborn photography session…

Thiago-182-2_no name


Thiago sure has a beautiful name, along with a beautiful mommy.


Daddy just loves his little boy!


So nice to meet you, little Thiago.



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