Adelyn – 7 days new {Morehead City Newborn Photographer}

Can you think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than with a newborn snuggled up against your chest? That’s certainly one awesome way to feel the love of the season! I know that’s what Adelyn’s parent must be feeling, and I could certainly feel the love in this house during their Morehead City newborn photography session.

I mean, a birthday in the same month as Christmas, you have to have a Rudolph hat, right? 🙂

Hill, Adelyn-53

Hill, Adelyn-72-3Untitled-1

Even the family dog is kicking into parent-mode. She was constantly checking on me during the session to make sure I was treating her baby right, and every time little Adelyn cries, she just has to check on her. What a sweetie!

Hill, Adelyn-285-2

Hill, Adelyn-252

Hill, Adelyn-15-2

Hill, Adelyn-238-2

Hill, Adelyn-114-2

Hill, Adelyn-79-2

This was my last session before I take a winter break, so Merry Christmas to you all!


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