Brooke Anna – 11 days new {Greenville Newborn Photographer}

I love when families want to personalize their newborn photo sessions with something near and dear to them. In this military-laden area, many times it’s a request to use flight helmets, dress blues or BDUs in a session. But Brooke Anna’s parents had a different request for this Greenville newborn photography session, and I just loved it! Brooke Anna’s mother grew up on a dairy farm, and they wanted me to capture something reminiscent of her childhood in Brooke Anna’s newborn session. I think it worked lovely!

Shultz, Brooke Anna-249

And the cuteness just continued from there for this 11-day-old sweetie.

Shultz, Brooke Anna-96


Shultz, Brooke Anna-183-2

Shultz, Brooke Anna-83-2

Shultz, Brooke Anna-141

Shultz, Brooke Anna-123

Shultz, Brooke Anna-181

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