Zoe – 11 days new {Greenville Newborn Photographer}

Mom warned me this little girl liked to stay awake in the mornings (we had a morning session). Mom warned me this little girl’s sleeping patterns and length of sleep were changing. Mom warned me she was worried this little girl wasn’t going to sleep for the session. Mom warned me… but I took on the challenge. And let me tell you, little Zoe was certainly up to the challenge. She kept those beautiful eyes wide open, like she was worried she was going to miss something in this new world!

Zoe ~ 11 days newBut then, patience, time, a lot of rocking and a great heater started winning. Little Zoe closed those sweet, precious eyes and went off to dreamland.

Zoe ~ 11 days new


Zoe ~ 11 days new

Zoe ~ 11 days newSweet dreams, sweet Zoe!


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