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What You Get Printing at Big Box Stores

So we have your fabulous New Bern photography session or your Jacksonville photography session or a photography shoot in any of the other wonderful locations around Eastern North Carolina, and then you receive you three digital files.  Perhaps you purchase the DVD of the entire session to make sure you always have a copy of all those memories and moments in your family’s life – but then what?

You might be tempted to run down to the nearest big box store or pharmacy and print out dozens of cheap photos for your family and friends.  But here’s where I’ll caution you – cheaper isn’t always better.

As a photographer, I’ve spent hours choosing the best professional printer, calibrating the colors on my computer monitor where I edit to make sure what you see is what you get through my pro printer, and then doing regular “check-up” prints with my pro printer to make sure everything is still looking perfect.  After all, who wants a family photo where everyone looks too green or too yellow or maybe there’s a red glow?  Photographer Erin Noie went to the trouble for us all to put together some examples:

Of course, in the end, they are your digital files to do with what you’d like (within the constraints of my copyright, of course).  But my intention of releasing digital files is more so for you to have a hard copy to hang onto of the family memories I’ve captured, so that even when those files are eventually purged from my storage system after a year, you will always have them. I hope when you are are printing those memories to hang on your wall for all to see, you make sure they look just as they should.  I will always be happy to help you place an order for some exquisite wall art of your family.


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Emily – 11 days new {Cove City NC Newborn Baby Photographer}

Little Miss Emily decided to surprise us all (especially her parents) by arriving a little ahead of schedule – more than three weeks early – and what a blessing she is!  I got the chance to travel to her family’s farm in Cove City, NC, for a beautiful newborn baby photo session.  Great Grandma even stopped by and sent me home with some delicious shrimp stew.  I love close-knit families, and  Emily has a lot of family close by to love on her!

Oh, and did I mention Tropical Depression Beryl was moving through during this session?  Maybe the rain and wind against the windows helped lull little Emily to sleep.

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Taytum – 8 days new {Vanceboro Newborn Baby Photographer}

Oh, little Taytum – just 8 days new and so precious.  This little girl already wants to see the world and was not about to sleep for us and miss a minute of what was going on!  Taytum is proof that you don’t need a sleepy baby for a newborn photography session to get some really cute and priceless shots.  If you’re wondering, I think she literally slept for five minutes in three hours.

 Oh, those beautiful newborn baby blues – just gorgeous eyes – and I’m so glad Miss Taytum showed them off!  Welcome to the world little girl.

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Searching for the Wild Horses

Even in my downtime, I’m still constantly searching for “the” shot.  This past weekend, my family and I hopped a small ferry in Beaufort, NC, and headed to an island off the Eastern North Carolina coast.  With the island’s sea grass-spotted sand dunes, long beaches rich with sea shells and herds of hearty horses that are descendants of Spanish horses shipwrecked here centuries ago, I was immersed in breath-taking shots.

A little different from the newborn baby, children and family photography shots you’ll typically see on this site, but here’s a glimpse of my day:

It was a beautiful day with my loved ones.

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A Mission That Hits Close to My Heart

This website is all about photography, right?  It has become my passion, it has become what I love, it has become what sets me free.  But none of it would be possible were not for my dreams and hopes and goals and perseverance – and all of these were either passed down or given root by a woman I am most passionate about, even more than photography, my mother.

She is not here to see me reach my goals and follow my passion.  Ovarian Cancer stole her from me and all who loved her.  It is my hope to bring new parents beautiful images of their days-old babies, in part, because I never did the same with my daughter.  My mother died two days before she was born, and I just didn’t have the strength or desire to capture my little one’s first days.  But it is my everyday hope that other families will never share my pain – in any way.

That’s why I want to share this link: Saving Jen

It’s the story of a photographer, Jen, who is chasing her dreams just like me and living out her passion.  She is a mother of young children.  And just like my mother did, she is fighting a battle with Ovarian Cancer.  She has been given 12-18 months to live.  I still remember when my mother was given just so many months and then weeks and then days to live.  And Jen is fighting those sentences, just like my mother did.  My mother even beat them a few times.  I pray Jen does too.  If you have a moment, read Jen’s story.

Here is an excerpt from part of Jen’s blog:

When it is detected early, ovarian cancer has a 90% cure rate. But because 80% of women are not diagnosed until its late stages, ovarian cancer is considered the deadliest reproductive system cancer for women.

Jen does not fit the profile of a cancer patient. She’s young with no family history of cancer. A completely suprise to all, including her doctors, there is no logical reason for Jen to have been diagnosed. She’s taken good care of her body and there is nothing anyone could point to and say, “This is why this happened to you.”

Below are the common symptoms of ovarian cancer. Jen experienced every one of these leading up to her diagnosis.

1. Severe and frequent bloating/ Increased abdominal size

2. Severe and spastic cramping–similar to menstrual pains but more intense

3. Lower abdominal and back pain

4. Loss of appetite/Feeling full quickly

5. Weight loss

6. Extreme fatigue/Lack of energy

7. Night sweats

These symptoms are common and can be associated with a number of different causes–which is  what makes ovarian cancer particularly difficult to detect. If you or someone you know is frequently experiencing these symptoms, the most effective way to diagnosis the disease is through an ultra-sound. You must ask for one and be prepared to fight for it. Despite common belief… ovarian cancer is NOT detected or even tested for during an annual pap exam.

Elizabeth Smith - May 25, 2012 - 7:57 pm

So sorry to hear about your mother and this young mother as well. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in January of 2010. I had no idea that anything like this would happen as it does not run in my family and I had no unusual symptoms that would make me suspect anything like this was wrong. The tumor was located in my colon and it spread to my liver. It ultimately ended spreading to my ovaries and now it is in my abdomen. You are right about it not being checked. I was told that my tumor had been growing for 5 years prior to being detected. Throughout my journey I have lost my insurance due to my husband losing his job. During those times I had no insurance I may receive a scan that would detect something but no treatment would be done. After I had 40% of my liver removed the next scan detected an ovarian cyst. Nothing was done in the form of treatment because of no insurance and thus the cyst grew rapidly in size which resulted in me having to have a hysterectomy. I have no children and now will never. Anyway, my point is that more awareness needs to be made for all types of cancers. Woman of all ages need to be made aware that they should be screened for cancer. I was 37 at the time I was diagnosed but yet they tell you to wait till you are much older to go and get a colonoscopy. It’s definitely a hard road. God Bless you and your family and this young mother as she fights her battle. I will keep you all in my prayers.

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