Preparing for and What to Expect at Your Photo Shoot

Are you wondering how to dress for a photo shoot with us or how to get your infant ready or what to expect during the shoot or any other details like these?  Expect to have fun, laugh a lot, be relaxed and just be yourself.  A newborn shoot will be a little quieter, but still expect it to be relaxed and fun.  Just imagine your little one in cute hats, headbands and poses!

Newborn Baby Photography Session:

  • It’s best to schedule your photo shoot with us before your baby is born.  We’ll pencil in your due date at that point, and when baby is born, we’ll finalize your shoot date.  The best pictures come when baby is 10 days new or younger – when they’re still super sleepy, there’s no baby acne issues and they’re still super curly and comfy to get those adorable baby poses.  If you simply can’t get baby in that early – no problem – we’ll still get you beautiful pictures.
  • We’ll want baby to have a full belly right before the photo shoot begins, but if baby gets hungry again, we won’t hesitate to stop and let you and baby have more feeding time.  We’ll also stop for any other desires baby has – burping, hiccups, bathroom “breaks” and anything else to keep baby sleepy and content.
  • If baby takes a pacifier, make sure to bring it!
  • Expect your shoot to take 1-3 hours.  Why such a range?  It depends on baby.  Some babies go to sleep right away, and we can just shoot, shoot, shoot.  Others may need more feeding, soothing and attention that day.  We work on baby’s schedule.
  • Your shoot will take place inside your home.  We feel that you and baby will be much more comfortable and relaxed this early in baby’s life inside your own home.

Children Photography Session:

  • Make sure your child is comfortable in what they’re wearing that day.  Bright colors look best and are the most fun.
  • Toddler shoots can take place either inside your home with colorful backgrounds and props and in your backyard OR we can head out to an outside location of your choice.  With older children, the shoot will take place on location somewhere outside where we can take advantage of the natural light.
  • Expect the shoot to take 1-2 hours.
  • Don’t forget to bring a little snack and drinks for the younger kids – hungry bellies don’t make for happy photo shoots!

Family Photography Session:

  • Family shoots will always take place at an outside location in natural light.  You can pick the place, or I will be happy to offer suggestions.
  • Your photo shoot will typically take about an hour.
  • Clothing colors that complement make families look their best – like everyone in different shades of blue or browns and pinks or greens and blues – whatever fits your taste.   Try to avoid everyone looking the same (khaki/white), but if that’s your style, go with it!
  • Show up expecting to have a good time, play around a little bit and smile/laugh a whole lot!

*Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re happy to work with you based on your needs*

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